Mindfulness MBSR

Dr. Butterfield offers the MBSR course 3x/ year, in January, April, and September.
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Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) class  

“I want more peace of mind.”  “I’m ready to be done worrying and feeling stressed all the time.”  “I want to learn how to manage chronic pain in a better way.”

If this sounds familiar, you may be ready for MBSR.  This scientifically proven program was developed by Jon Kabat-Zinn, PhD over 30 years to improve stress-resilience and chronic pain management.  Mindful mediation has been researched more than any other meditation practice.  Benefits continue to emerge from data supporting its efficacy to treat other areas of suffering as well. Most recent findings indicate skills developed in this course and practiced regularly can literally rewire the brain, resulting in improved health and overall well-being. In MBSR we practice formal and informal mindful techniques and develop skills based on the latest neuroscience.  Instruction and practice in mindfulness meditation (sitting and walking), body awareness, mindful yoga/mindful movement, and self-reflective inquiry are provided weekly.

Research shows participants experience:

     *  Improved resilience to stress

     *  Reduced chronic pain (back pain, headaches, hypertension, etc.)

     *  Improved immune system functioning

     *  Decreased worry, anxiety, depression and fewer sleep problems

     *  Improved emotional regulation

     *  Sharpened mental focus and enhanced attentional focus

     *  Help with relationship problems, grief and loss, problem with substances

     *  Increased joy, resilience, compassion and peace of mind

This course consists of 8 classroom sessions, a 6 hour retreat, home practices and instructional materials (course manual and recorded guided meditations).

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Location:  On Zoom

Cost of Course:  $375.00 (Sliding fee scale available)

26 Continuing Education Credits available for social workers, marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors and naturopathic doctors:  $50 Fee for CE Units

This course is taught by Dr. Brenda S. Butterfield, Licensed Mental Health Counselor:  Doctorate of Education, Master of Social, Bachelor of Arts in Psychology:  Founder of Our New Experience, LLC.

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